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Amazon Valentine’s Day Special Quiz Answers Win 10000

Amazon Valentine’s Day
Amazon Valentine’s Day

Amazon Valentine’s Day Special quiz answers for today are available to Visit Now. Today’s price is the Valentine’s Day Amazon quiz winner Price is ₹10000.

To the contest will start on 7th February 2023 & it will end on 14th February 2023, 11:59 pm. The winner will be announced immediately on 14th February 2023 ( Valentine’s day).

Amazon Valentine’s Day Special Quiz Answers Win ₹10000


Q1 👉 Valentine’s day is celebrated on?

Answer 1 (D) – 14th February

Q2 👉 Which colour of a rose represents Love?

Answer 2 (D) – Red

Q3 👉 In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of whom?

Answer 3 (C) – Venus

Q4 👉 In Roman mythology, with whom does Cupid fall in love?

Answer 4 (C) – Psyche

Q5 👉 What brain chemical is known as the “love hormone?”

Answer 5 (A) – Oxytocin

Open Amazon App then search to Search box “Funzone” word .

Open the funzone section and scroll down to find the Valentine’s Day contest banner And then Click Now .

5/5 all answers and get ₹10000.

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