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How To Get Truecaller Premium for Free 2022

Truecaller Premium

Truecaller is a spam protection and caller ID Checking application that identifies who is calling you Can finded Floating bar on your mobile . It has many features like call recording who viewed your profile, Notes, Mute , getting rid of ads, 30 private contact requests/monthly Subscription, Different badges of the premium version. 

In This application is Very helpful to block Junk Calls,spam calls, international numbers,Local calls identify fraudsters using Private settings. You can make Truecaller your default dialer and SMS New UI design and New look. It’s a bit annoying because you see two interfaces on the same screen in this app.

What is Truecaller App?

Truecaller is a mobile application and this app used by users from all over the world as a number identify service. Its job is to provide all the information about incoming calls and outgoing calls to the users.

If you share or create account on true caller app use with your phone number, then in return, you also get a chance to know about the phone numbers of others. In this, millions of users voluntarily share their contacts with the Truecaller app and create a global connected  phone directory. It helps you to get finding deatails with anyone, even if it is Android or ios phone. So whatever you want to find details, whether locally or globally search Any contact details, Truecaller helps you find that contacts details .

Truecaller Premium
Truecaller Premium

How to Get Truecaller Premium for Free 2022 ?

If you want to get Truecaller Premium Subscription for free, then you have to follow some simple steps shared below tasks . We have shared a few ways to get a free Truecaller Premium Subscription for free New accounts or any accounts .

1. TrueCaller Premium Free Trial

In this company does offer Some times free trial for its premium plans. However, the company does issue free trial offers get easyly send 1 rs or purchase 1 rs free trial subscription are mentioned to some rules and some days only validity Insert Truecaller.

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2. Using the Promo Code Offer :- 

This is a great time to get premium membership as Truecaller is offering free membership for two months to everyone to promote their program and claim 50% offer Coupons . It is very important to give a free trial to the customers so that they can come to know about its benefits Same as Premium Subscription features .The steps involved in getting the free trial are listed features :- 

You need to sign up by downloading the Truecaller app from Play Store or App Store and same to apple iphone download to this app apple store .

After that click on You will be asked to deposit money by selecting the premium option , but you will need to enter the promo code “#TRUEEREB” ​​which allows you to subscribe for two months for free subscription and this premium features all enabled .

3. Using the Promo Code on true caller app :- 

For those who don’t know this feature , Truecaller has a referral program in which you can get a premium upgrade for free purchase to some credit added invite benifit . The rule is simple and easy , refer your friends to TrueCaller app , and when they join the platform and purchase a VIP  subscription account, you get a free TrueCaller Premium Subscription account.

How TrueCaller work? 

Truecaller app work identify any number easyly .The way you have given access to all your numbers to Truecaller Free subscription , in the same time , it saves the numbers of all the users on its server Stored . Basically , a huge phone directory has been created on Truecaller’s server Stored . Where the information of all the numbers is present in Truecaller app .

Truecaller Premium Features: 

WARNING:– Do not download APK files or mods from unknown sources apk , as they may leak confidential information And some virus are included other sources file or apk .

Call Recording:-

This is the best premium feature of Truecaller added in 2018 year . Since in this apk on  Android 9 does not support the recording feature .This feature also protects you from anti-social people who try to speak ill / bad words of you. This call record can become evidence for online theft or fraudulent activities protection sheild type .

No Ads:-

You can get not visible ads in the premium version. It’s very annoying to see ads at the bottom and in the middle of the call log when using the free true caller app.

Who Viewed Your Profile:-

Although Truecaller does not store any identification data or information , it works as a caller name and location identification app. So if a friend or business executive checks your profile details , you can use this feature to find out your number or identity information . 

View Profile in Private Mode:- 

You want to know the unknown numbers and  number of your friends or girlfriends, but you don’t want her to know that you have viewed their profile details . Again, this is just for privacy purposes who is visiting .

30 Contact Requests/Month:- 

This is useful if you want to find the phone number of some “unknown number or person ” or “personal friends” who has restricted access to their Truecaller profile details . You have forgotten a friend in your childhood, but you would like to contact him save the number . 

Get the Premium Badge:- 

As we know your profile , an official symbol on your profile can help others identify badge  you as a particular person . You will get a premium badge by subscribing to this option two types of badges received one Blue and gold . 

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Block Feature:- 

You can set auto-updates. This will ensure that you get a list of the most commonly reported spam calls / junk calls  near you. This will ensure that you are protected from spam or scam  even when you are offline mode  . Protects your privacy by constantly updating spam lists or scam listing . Automatic block Junk Calls and spam call in this features .

How to cancel Truecaller Premium?

Open Google Play Store on your mobile. 

Check if you are signed in to correct Google Account on play Store.

Tap on Menu and then Subscriptions option.

Select the subscription option you want to cancel.

Tap on  Cancel Subscription plan .

Follow directions or methods .

Who is the Founder of Truecaller Premium?

 Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi 

When was True caller release ?

Truecaller was released on July 1, 2009 year.

Who is developer of Truecaller App ?

Scandinavia AB

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