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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Ducati Motorcycles

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Ducati Motorcycles

20 Things You Didn't Know About Ducati Motorcycles

    Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A is the division of Ducati that produces cruisers. They have set up a good foundation for themselves as quite possibly of the most popular and best brand in the bike business. They are known for creating strong bicycles that are satisfying to the eye and for their contribution in motorsports. While this is a notable cruiser producer, there are likely numerous things that you have barely any insight into this organization. The following are 20 things you had close to zero insight into Ducati cruisers.

    1. They Were Founded in 1926

    Ducati it a deep rooted brand name as it was first established in 1926. In any case, it was not the bike organization that is known today. At the point when the organization initially started, they made condensers, vacuum cleaners, and a scope of radio parts. Ducati was established by Cavalieri Ducati alongside his three children; Adriano, Marcello, and Bro Cavalieri. They began the business in Bologna and it was initially called Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati.

    2. Their Headquarters Are in Bologna

    At the point when the Ducati organization was established, the main processing plant was in Bologna and regardless of the progressions to what the organization produces, there is as yet a production line there right up ’til now. Bologna is likewise the area of this organization’s base camp.

    3. The Ducati Factory Was Destroyed in World War II

    Not all things have moved along as planned throughout the entire existence of Ducati and one troublesome time for them was during the World War II. During this time of history, their processing plant was a steady objective for bombs. At last, the besieging effort was fruitful and the Ducati industrial facility was obliterated. Nonetheless, the organization got themselves and modified the production line. Along these lines, producing activities were before long back to ordinary. As a matter of fact, this point denoted an adjustment of the way that the organization worked as it was not long after this that they created their most memorable engine, which was a get away from the items that Ducati had produced preceding the besieging.

    4. Their First Motor Was Intended for Motorized Push Bikes

    The items produced by Ducati have changed fundamentally since its starting points as it was not initially planned as a producer of bikes. As a matter of fact, they made nothing even connected with cruisers until 1946. The principal related item they made was known as the Cucciolo and albeit this was an item with a moto, it was no place really near the cruisers delivered by this organization today. As a matter of fact, it was only a little engine that was sold out of a case that buyers could collect at home and connect to the edge of their bike. Thus, it was even more a toy for the rich children that something that a serious cruiser devotee would purchase. By 1950, Ducati had sold in excess of 200,000 Cucciolos.

    5. Their First Motorcycle Was Manufactured in 1950

    As the Cucciolo engine for pushbikes had delighted in such an elevated degree of progress, they chose to make their own bike in view of this engine which they likewise called Cucciolo. The principal cruiser they created was a 48 cc bicycle that had a maximum velocity of 40 miles each hour and weighed 98 pounds. It had a 15 mm carburetor and could convey 200 miles for each gallon. Not long after they began creation, they chose to drop the Cucciolo name. All things being equal, they called the two models of their new bike the 55M and the 65TL.

    6. The Number of Employees Has Expanded Rapidly Over the Years

    Ducati has extended greatly throughout the long term and this is clear by the quantity of individuals who are utilized by this organization. In the early years, they utilized only a modest bunch of individuals. By 1936, they previously had 1,200 representatives, which isn’t awful considering they had just been doing business for something like decade around then. An intriguing truth connecting with the quantity of workers is that 30% of them are ladies.

    7. They Make Other Products in Addition to Manufacturing Motorcycles

    Very much like Honda and Yamaha, Ducati is most popular for assembling cruisers. In any case, every one of the three organizations likewise make a scope of different items that are totally irrelevant to their primary item. Honda makes lawnmowers and Yamaha makes pianos. Different items produced by Ducati incorporate radios and electric razors. One more item they have made in the past is reel-based projectors.

    8. Ducati Motorcycles Are Made by Hand

    Most organizations in the cruiser and vehicle enterprises utilize a great many innovation and programmed sequential construction systems to make their items. This isn’t true with Ducati as every one of their cruisers is painstakingly made by hand utilizing talented laborers. This is one reason why they are so costly. There is somebody liable for each phase of the interaction and they check and sign when each stage is finished. Subsequently, there is documentation connecting with the creation of each and every motorbike that leaves the production line. This hasn’t dialed them back however as they are equipped for creating one new Monster at regular intervals.

    9. Ducati Has a Separate Assembly Line for the United States

    Ducati has processing plants in Italy, Brazil, and Thailand. The ones in Brazil and Thailand are utilized for get together as it were. At the manufacturing plant in Italy, there is a fairly strange set up comparable to the mechanical production systems. There are two mechanical production systems and one is committed to creating Ducati cruisers for the United States and the other is for the gathering of motorbikes that will be sold in any remaining region of the world.

    10. They Launched a Motor Scooter in Milan

    The main cruiser created by Ducati was a triumph and they needed to extend this side of the organization further. Around then, there was an adjustment of market patterns towards bigger cruisers and Ducati answered this. They chose to send off two bicycles at the Milan show in mid 1952. The first was their generally settled 65TS cycle. The second was their new Cruiser, which was a four-stroke engine bike. The Cruiser was at first generally welcomed and depicted as the most fascinating new machine at the show in Milan. Nonetheless, it was anything but an incredible achievement and Ducati sold a couple thousand of the Cruiser throughout the following two years. This prompted Ducati choosing to stop creation of this model.

    11. Ducati Split into Two Entities in 1953

    Ducati understood that having two exceptionally separate areas to the business was starting. There was the hardware component of the organization that was deep rooted and there was a developing interest for the cruisers they were creating. Hence, they chose to part the organization into two elements in 1953. Ducati Elettronica was the substance that covered their hardware line of items while Ducati Meccanica SpA was the piece of the business answerable for the assembling of bikes. The last option was going by Dr. Giuseppe Montano and he drove the modernization of the industrial facility to oblige the way that they were creating upwards of 120 cruisers every day by 1954.

    12. They Made Motorcycle History During the 1960s

    At different focuses since this organization was established, they have turned into a piece of motorcycling history. One of the main accomplishments of Ducati was during the 1960s when they made the Mach 1 and this not just settled them as a serious bike brand, it likewise put them in the cruiser history books. Around then, the Mach 1 was the quickest 250 cc street bicycle accessible available as it could accomplish a little more than 100 miles each hour.

    13. They Have Sold More Than 300,000 Ducati Monsters

    Quite possibly of the best and well known bicycle that have at any point been delivered by Ducati is the Ducati Monster. They initially started creating the Monster in 1993. It was planned by Miguel Angel Galluzzi and it is portrayed as a muscle bicycle. There are eight varieties of this model accessible; 620, 695, 696, 750, 796, 900, S2R, and S4R. This bicycle is described by its uncovered motor and casing. Since creation of the Ducati Monster started, they have sold north of 300,000 of this model.

    14. The Ducati Factory and Museum is a Popular Attraction

    Perhaps of the most well known fascination in Bologna is voyages through the Ducati processing plant. To such an extent that they likewise constructed an exhibition hall on the very site that is committed to the historical backdrop of the organization and is loaded up with numerous relics connecting with the creation interaction and probably the best instances of their bicycles from over the entire course of time. The fascination is famous to the point that it is assessed that north of 600,000 individuals have partaken in a visit through the processing plant and the gallery beginning around 1998.

    15. Ducati’s in Japan Are Quieter

    One reason that Ducati proprietors have picked a motorbike from this brand is that they need a strong bicycle and they love the thunder that this brand produces when they speed up and the power kicks in while they are riding. In any case, this is a component of the riding experience that is absent in the bicycles that are sold in Japan as these are essentially calmer. This is on the grounds that the vehicles that are fabricated for the Japanese market are fitted with an alternate exhaust framework than the cruisers delivered until the end of the world so the bicycles conform to Japanese standards and guidelines connecting with the production of engine vehicles.

    16. They Have Won the SuperBike Championships Many Times

    Ducati has a long history of contribution in the greatest motorsport occasions on the planet and they originally became engaged with hustling in 1951. From that point forward, their cruisers have been ridden by the absolute most noteworthy expert riders ever. Ducati is a serious contender at these occasions and they have topped the competitor list in numerous title occasions. Truth be told, riders of Ducati have brought home the SuperBike World Championship on 14 events. Ducati has additionally come out on top for this title two times as the producer. The absolute number of triumphs accomplished by Ducati is over two times the quantity of triumphs accomplished by the following best contender at these occasions.

    17. Casey Stoner Became a Champion on a Ducati in 2007

    At games, probably the most capable riders on the planet have ridden Ducati bicycles as a feature of their group. One of these is American rider Casey Stoner. In 2007, Ducati came out on top for the MotoGP World Championship with Casey Stoner as the rider. Before this, 33 years had passed since the title had last been won by an Italian producer.

    18. Audi Acquired Ducati in 2012

    The responsibility for has changed ordinarily over now is the right time. Its ongoing proprietor is Audi as they obtained the organization in 2012. Audi is essential for the Volkswagen Group and their director, Ferdinand Piech, is a cruiser lover who genuinely wanted to engage with Ducati. Audi apparently paid $909 million to get Ducati, despite the fact that they initially nearly paid $1.2 billion. It is possessed under AUDI AG’s Automobili Lamborghini SpA auxiliary.

    19. The Company Logo Has Changed Over the Years

    The Ducati organization logo has changed many times throughout the long term and one justification for this is that the items fabricated by this organization have changed so remarkably. From the get go, the logo was a basic white circle framed in dark with the organization’s unique name beat by a lightning bolt and two covering ‘S’. At the point when the cruiser region was established, they started to utilize the well known two gold wings logo that beat a ‘D’ in a shrub wreath and the words Ducati Meccanica Bologna. This changed again in 1967 when the logo was improved, and the well known scrambler wing was presented. The ongoing logo has been being used beginning around 2007. This is a red safeguard framed in white with the word Ducati over an image of a white winding street.

    20. There Are Ducati Enthusiast Groups

    As Ducati is a great brand of bike, it has many fans all over the planet. Since the 1990s, Ducati has used this reality as a component of their promoting and marking effort and backing the different Ducati groups of followers from around the world. There are currently in excess of 400 Ducati clubs across the globe and there are more than 20,000 enrolled individuals from the Ducati Owners Club. Riders and aficionados of Ducati are known as Ducatisti. While a portion of the gatherings are centered around the classic Ducatis, others are keen on the organization’s hustling exercises.


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