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How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire in 2022 

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire :-

Guys We Are Looking Free Fire Free Dimonds this is one of the popular mobile games of the world, so it is often readily available in the mobile of gamers And This Game Is Very Addictive Designs And Graphics . Free Diamonds is used in Free Fire to buy Fire Pass and increase your ranking And purchase some tools like Guns,Shirts,Pet… Etc , so everyone Looks free Wants to get free diamonds in Fire.

The free Fire game has been downloaded by more than 500 million people from the google play store to guess the popularity When the downloads increase playing peoples was increased . It is a 10-minute cervical shooter game and 1 vs 1 And room game , map game where you have to play with 49 other players.

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What are Diamonds in a Free Fire?

Free Diamonds in Free Fire
Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Free Fire is a best survival game that is the most popular game played on mobile in India and Most of peoples are addictive this game , and its popularity has increased rapidly after being after the PUBG game baned , due to which the number of peoples playing this game has risen quickly on players .

Although you can easily download and play the Free Fire game if you want to upgrade your player you want Dimonds and upgrade pass or purchase pass, you need Diamond for that free Dimonds codes are listed in this Page , with the help of which you can play Fire Pass using diamond .

Garena free fire team never failed to impress us in Some events are receiving every month . Their unique customer engagement methods like regular exciting events, and rewards,offers, new in-game characters, clothes,guns, and weapon skins have always gained popularity among gamers like us and many game winners are purchasing in offers time .

So there are also many such methods get free Dimonds , with the help of which you can get Free Diamond in Free Fire with using free to purchase , so we will tell you about many ways to get Free Diamond in Free Fire like give away ,other game play , Practice pare events, so read in this Page  till the end.

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire Game ?

Guys we find you, there are two ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire in which in the first way you have to pay on Free fire shop  money to buy Free Fire Diamonds get easily you can buy as many Diamonds with discounts offer’s as you want where you will get  in ₹ 80, ₹ 320 in 220, 510 in ₹400, 1050 in ₹800, 2200 in ₹1600 and 5500 in ₹4000.

You can buy diamonds, you have to open the free fire game, and then diamonds will appear in front of you in this game, as you can see from the screen shown above shop icon , and then you can easily buy diamonds by clicking shop cart and , the number of diamonds shows you want for as many rupees.

Top 3 ways to get Free Fire diamonds for Free

1.Rozdhan App 

It is this app, if you open every day and click the  check button , you get some coins converted into money afternoon 12 every night. You can easily withdraw this money and Enter the  free Fire id.

In the Rozdhan App are given various types of tasks like to completing watching videos, reading news and playing games, etc., you can get money in the form of coins when the complete this tasks , you can buy Free Diamonds in your Free Fire I’d  through this app. Click on the button below to download and get some bonus .

2. Google Opinion Rewards

You have to answer some survey questions given by Google and complete them Survey Questions . You get some money from Google Opinion Rewards for completing their tasks Easy to complete .

You can easily withdraw this money to convert Google Play money and buy diamonds in Free Fire ID; this app is available in Google Play Store.Download the app clicking on the button given below.

how to get redeem codes for free fire

3. Task mate 

You have to answer some survey questions given by Google and complete them Survey Questions  on task mate app . You get some money from task mate app for completing their tasks Easy to complete . When you are completed successfully tasks that tasks are reviewed by Google employees and credit some ammounts on your wallet and get directly your bank that withdrawn easyly.

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